BCB’s September Newsletter: Middle East opportunities and our latest incubator client

27 Sep, 2023

Good Morning

Following hot on the heels of our August series covering market prospects in the five other GCC countries, this month we feature countries across the wider Middle East region – all easily accessible from the UAE – with an overview on some of the business & trade opportunities for UK firms.

Did you know that you can now service Israel from the UAE; that Iran’s massive population is looking for agribusiness & infrastructure development; that Jordan is growing its tech sector; that Egypt is a heavy importer of renewable energy and the Iraq’s recovery is being led by infrastructure development?

We’re also pleased to highlight one of our newest clients, Renishaw Gulf LLC, whom we have helped to set up in the UAE in order to take advantage of the business opportunities around the Middle East region. Renishaw is the 60th UK company that the BCB has established through our unique market entry Incubator platform and we look forward to supporting their growth in the UAE and beyond in the years ahead.

Please let us know how we can help with your Middle East expansion plans.



Renishaw Gulf LLC opens in UAE to support industry growth

Renishaw Gulf will help manufacturers meet the specific challenges of manufacturing in the Middle East. Click here for full press release.

VI: Iran’s Business Potential: Trends, Opportunities & Success

Iran holds some of the world’s largest proven reserves of oil & natural gas, making it a crucial player in global energy markets. Learn more on Iran’s diverse economy & sectors offering opportunities for UK SMEs.

VII: Iraq’s Business Potential: Opportunities & Trade Success

Iraq has one of the largest projects markets in the region, with some GBP 355 bn worth of schemes either planned or under way. Find out other sectors offering growth opportunities.

VIII: Exploring Jordan: A Look at UK Trade & Investment Success

Jordan is taking positive steps in the field of cybersecurity. Learn more on how Jordanian government’s economic policies have encouraged growth across other key sectors.

IX: Egypt: A Close Look at UK Trade and Investment Success

The Egyptian government’s commitment to infrastructure development is evident through major projects. Check out opportunities, and sectors undergoing expansion that demand additional UK expertise.

X: Exploring Israel’s Thriving Business Trends & Opportunities

Israel’s high-tech sector continues to be the largest and fastest growth engine in the Israeli economy. Find out other areas & sectors offering growth opportunities for UK SMEs & exporters.